Five Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Many homeowners often end up using wrong bathroom tiles due to certain common mistakes that could have been avoided before making the purchase. Choosing the right tiles is not rocket science and should therefore not be construed as such. If you know what you are looking for and where to find them, it becomes a fairly simple process. If possible, enlist the help of your flooring contractor in choosing the right tiles. But if you decide to go it alone, don’t fall for the following mistakes-:

Not Having a Budget for Your Bathroom Tiles

Without a budget, you are likely to pick any tile that the seller throws your way. You have no idea of what you are willing to spend hence you can’t even determine what kinds of tiles to consider. Remember, there are different tiles made from different materials and they all have varied pricing. The price is determined by the quality and the design of the tiles. Spare yourself the embarrassment and the inconvenience of walking into the store without knowing how much you want to spend on the bathroom tiles.

Have a Budget for Your Bathroom Tiles

Choosing Wrong Designs and Colors

The main reason why people install bathroom tiles is to increase the functionality and the aesthetics of their bathrooms. The right choice should complement or add to the existing looks of the room. However, some people will choose just any type of tile without considering the design or the color of the tiles. The result is a complete mismatch leading to a dull and gloomy bathroom.

Disregarding Slip Resistance of Your Bathroom Tiles

The slip resistant is an important factor in the choice of bathroom tiles because it is tied directly to the safety aspects of the room. Since bathrooms are exposed to lots of soapy water, the floors are likely to be slippery if not dried properly. A common mistake that many homeowners make when choosing tiles for their bathroom is to ignore slip resistance of the tiles and consider only the aesthetics. Remember, you’d rather be safe in an ugly bathroom than break your ankle in a beautifully designed bathroom due to slippery tiles.

Choose bathroom tiles that are slip resistant.

Underestimating the Quantity of the Tiles

Underestimating the quantity of tiles needed for the whole bathroom is a common mistake people make when they don’t involve a tiling expert to help them get the right estimates. They end up buying more tiles hence wasting money or buying few tiles leading to incomplete installation. Unless you are a tiling expert, simply seek the services of a tiling expert to avoid this problem.

Not Asking for Tile Samples

The appearance of tiles on display is completely different when the tile is finally installed. The tile might look very nice when on the stand but you may not like what you will see once the installation is complete. It is therefore recommended that you ask the seller to show you samples of when the tile has been installed. In this manner, you can tell from the photos whether or not you will like the result once the installation is complete.

Watch out for these common mistakes and you will choose your bathroom tiles like a pro.

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How to Choose Unique Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the right bathroom tiles can be a challenge. While there are plenty of tile designs to choose from most of them are generic and will not bring any unique aspects to your beloved private rooms. What you need for a lavishly elegant and refined bathroom is sweetly and uniquely designed bathroom tiles to exude style and warmth in the bathroom.

Bathroom Tiles

In addition to this, your ideal choice of bathroom tiles should offer you with great functionality while at the same time complimenting the interior décor of the entire room. Outlined below are a few tips to guide you on how to choose unique tiles for your bathrooms-:

Consider the Tile Material for an Unique Bathroom

Bathroom tiles are made of different types of materials. Materials such as terracotta, granite and ceramic are very common, and almost everyone who looks forward to tiling their bathroom will choose them. They are thus not ideal if you are looking for something unique.

However, materials like marble, slate or natural stones offer numerous possibilities for great interior details and also for the bathroom. Besides, they are strong, durable and versatile hence suitable for use in the bathroom. Simply choose one which will blend well with your current interior style without the need for a lot of changes.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Unique Bathroom Tile Installation Possibilities

The generic tile installation methods will not bring any uniqueness to your bathroom. Instead, such installation will make your bathroom appear just like the rest. The tiles you prefer for the bathroom should, therefore, have unique installation possibilities to give you the flexibility you need to have a bathroom of its kind.

Rather than going for bathroom tiles with unidirectional installation, consider choosing tiles that will allow you to have creative installations. For example, natural stones and marble tiles come in unique shapes and textures and can thus be used to effect completely different bathroom tiles installation.

Choose Unique Colours For Your Bathroom Tiles

The choice of your ideal bathroom tiles should not be pegged around the shape and the materials alone. The color is equally important since if chosen in the right manner, it will add a nice brilliant touch to your bathroom. Ideally, the color preference should match the existing style and décor of the bathroom, with special emphasis on the dominant bathroom paint.

However, be careful not to change your bathroom scheme in trying to pick a completely different color in a bid to try to be unique. Everything should fit in just well for real uniqueness to be realized.

Different Pattern Installation

The other way to have unique tiles is to consider different installation patterns. At times, uniqueness in tiles doesn’t have to come from the materials or the color of the tiles. You can opt for the ordinary tiles but install them using different pattern combinations to have exquisite end results.

This solution is not very expensive, and it offers you with a lot of flexibility. Simply choose the common tiles available at affordable prices then introduce pattern twists during the installation to have unique tiles for your bathroom.

To use these tips effectively, it is highly recommended that you consult your contractor for their professional opinion regarding your choice. It will enable you to avoid certain design and structural mistakes you might have overlooked when making your choice.

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